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Welcome to the Law Office of Phyllis Ocean, PLLC. Located in Houston, we are a team of legal and title professionals who provide unparalleled legal representation in the areas of real estate and closing/escrow, as well as title insurance services. When it comes to real estate transactions, every detail matters. A reputable legal representative, such as the qualified attorney and professional staff at the Law Office of Phyllis Ocean, PLLC, can help walk you through the entirety of your real estate transaction while ensuring that your assets and interests are protected. With a keen eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations involving real estate transactions in Texas, our title professionals work hard to represent their clients and commit themselves fully to their needs. If you’re involved in the purchase or sale of real estate, or are seeking a professional who can assist you with your escrow/closing needs, look no further than the Law Office of Phyllis Ocean, PLLC.

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  • "Y’all are among the best teams we have ever worked with. The best in customer service too!"

    Abraham M., Mariamma M., Client
  • "Phyllis is an amazing escrow officer and fee attorney! I don't know anyone else I'd recommend."

    Mike C., Client
  • "Phyllis is extremely professional in all of her dealings. She believes in being at every closing at works dilligently to meet the needs of her clients."

    Gilbert R., Client

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